Center for Ethics resources

Library staff have compiled a list of resources, most of them available online, by and about speakers participating in this year’s Center for Ethics program.
Here is a small sample of the available resources to whet your intellectual appetite:

Works by Barbara Cruikshank

“Feminism and Punishment.” Signs: Journal of Women in Culture & Society. 24.4 (1999). Available here. “Too, and Too Little.” Politics & Gender. 1.2 (2005): 336-341. Available here.

Works by Scott Lemieux

“Author Page for Scott Lemieux.” Web blog post. Lawyers, Guns & Money. 2014. Available here.

“Scalia Gets It Right.” Web blog post. The American Prospect. 3 June 2013. Available here.

Works by Erik Loomis

["Labor Online Blog Posts by Erik Loomis."] Labor and Working Class History Association. 2014. Available here.

Loomis, E, and R Edgington. “Lives Under the Canopy: Spotted Owls and Loggers in Western Forests.” Natural Resources Journal. 52.1 (2013): 99-134. Available here.

Works by Ursula Rucker

“For Women.” YouTube. N.d. Available here.

“I Ain’t (Yo Punk Ass Bitch).” YouTube. 2010. Available here.

Works by Daniel Pellow

Brulle, Robert J, and David N. Pellow. “Environmental Justice: Human Health and Environmental Inequalities.” Annual Review of Public Health. 27.1 (2006). Available here.

“From “Just Us” to Justice: Connecting the Environment, Community, and Academy.” Sociological Forum. 14.2 (1999). Available here.

Works by Caroll Bogert

“What Are the BRICS Building?” Slate. The Slate Group, 28 Mar. 2013. Available here.

“Old Hands, New Voice.” Columbia Journalism Review. 24 March 2009. Available here.

Works by Nancy Fraser

“Recognition Without Ethics?.” Theory, Culture & Society 18.2/3 (2001): 21. Available here.

Scales of Justice: Reimagining Political Space in a Globalizing World. New York: Columbia University Press, 2009. Available here.

Feel free to integrate these readings into your courses to promote a lively and conversation around this year’s theme of “Civility and Disobedience.”
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