Exercise your right to be an informed voter on November 6!

With the presidential election only three weeks away and a contentious campaign in progress, wise voters are seeking objective information about the candidates and their policies before walking into the voting booth. To this purpose, Routledge is offering free access to journal articles about the U.S. presidential elections:

“The featured articles consider the presidential candidates, the main election issues and the broader political impact of these elections. Access to content is currently freely available at the US Election Collection page.”

These articles are ordinarily behind a subscription wall and unavailable unless one subscribes to the journals or one’s library has a subscription database.

Find out what stands behind the campaign rhetoric by taking advantage of this opportunity to explore U.S. election history, scrutinize the backgrounds and achievements of the candidates, and examine the policy proposals that are being offered to the American public.

Be an informed citizen and make your voice heard: vote on November 6, 2012!

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